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Maximize your phone’s full capability by using an iPhone 5S battery case; it will not only provide you with sufficient endless power supply but also guards your phone from damages.

Vority X5S battery case for iPhone 5S

Vority built this iPhone 5S battery case with an ingenious ultra slim, low-profile and ultra-light design that keeps your smartphone looking good, while enabling you to get full use of all iPhone features without removing the case. The battery capacity is 2400 mAh giving you up to 150% more battery life. It even comes with 7 bumper frames.

What’s in the box:

• Vority X5S iPhone 5S Battery Case

• Micro USB cable for charging

• Audio Jack Extender

• Bumper Frames in Slate, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Smoke and Purple)

• User manual

i-Blason Medley Detachable External iPhone 5S Battery Case

This battery case from i-Blason brings out their clever ideas into action by putting a two piece detachable battery into a slim fit and high quality hard case design. The case is used as a battery charger by simply attaching the case into the battery pack. It consists of 2,400 mAh battery capacity and uses Smart Lithium-Polymer battery type.

What’s in the box:

• 1 battery pack and 1 detachable slim case. • Male 8 Pin Apple Lightning Connector and Female Lighting charging port. • One year limited warranty from i-Blason LLC. Price: $69.95

Ikit NuCharge Battery Pack and Case An external battery case that includes two interchangeable covers providing you with the option to change the cover depending on your preference. The unique feature in this iPhone 5S battery case is that it let you select whether to use the external battery pack for extra power supply or just snap the stylish interchangeable covers. The battery pack has a slim-lined design and adds only a little amount of bulk to your phone. All the ports on the iPhone 5S can be accessed without the need to remove the case and it keeps you well informed on the amount of battery left thanks to its 4 LED battery indicator display. It has a battery capacity of 1900 mAh and it guards your phone from knocks and drops. Another unique feature in this battery case is that it has a snappy kickstand which is great for surfing the net and watching a film.

What’s in the box: • Ikit NuCharge Battery Pack and Case. • Micro USB charging cable. • User guide. Price: $84.95

Odoyo Power+Shell EX Rechargeable iPhone 5S Battery Case

The quick charge technology enables the extended battery to charge at super fast speed and it includes a kickstand for more enjoyable experience when surfing the net and playing games or watching films. The battery capacity is 2200 mAh and the battery type used is lithium polymer. This iPhone 5S battery case is extremely lightweight and has a low profile design. There is an LED status indicator that keeps you informed anytime when the battery level is low or fully charged and the protective form-fitting design will keep your phone looking brand new.

What’s in the box:

• Power+Shell EX Rechargeable iPhone 5S Battery Case. • USB cable. • Audio jack extension cable. • User guide. Price: $99.00

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