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Another Iphone 5s battery case option that is becoming more famous in the market is the Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Charger Case. What makes this product unique in comparison to other battery cases is its style and elegance. Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Charger Case is something created with a slim and refined as the Iphone 5s. Unlike with other cases, if the Iphone is installed to MyCharge, the smartphone’s design remains aesthetically visible.

The Product Design and Installation

The Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Charger Case has a low profile design and is quite slim and lightweight. Just like most Iphone cases, this product comes in two separate pieces although the other one is just the bumper frame. Installation is very easy. It only follows the basic slide and snap installation process. The user also has access to all the ports, which means that the functionality of the phone is not at all affected. That’s the reason why this is the recommended battery case to most people who want an easy access to the base of the phone.

The battery of this Iphone 5s battery case is said to be double the size of an Iphone, and because the case has only an average to equalize size of the phone, it feels short. The case comes in black but the bumper colors come in 7 varieties.

The Battery

Compared with other Iphone 5s battery case, the MyCharge Freedom has a capacity of 2,000mAH; it doubles the power capacity of the supplied Iphone battery. The said power is adequate enough for 10 hours of continuous talk over the phone, with an additional 45 to 48 hours of non-stop audio playback. People who frequently travel will find this feature of great benefit for them.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons why Mycharge Freedom has faster recharging time is that the input charging speed of 1Amp max via the Micro USB cable allows the iPhone to get fully charged in 2 hours 30 minutes, and that the output charging speed of 1Amp max via the built-in 8-pin lightning connector enables rapid back up your iPhone in a short time.

LED shows remaining battery level by pressing the power button. Easy turn on or off by press and hold power button for 3 seconds. Protective IC circuit avoid short-circuit, over-charged and malfunction even under extreme conditions.

There are instances that the phone battery level already drops to 30 to 20 percent, but because of that output capacity, manages to fully charge in only 2 hours; not mentioning the reserve energy stored in the case.


In purchasing iPhone 5s charger battery case, there are numerous factors that need to be considered, and of course, the most basic one is battery endurance. This means that the case guarantees a double to triple running time of an ordinary Iphone 5s. Although design contributes with over all evaluation of the product, performance is more important when technology and product service is concerned. With that said, people should keep quality in mind at all times.

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