Why use Pavement Management System?

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Pavement management system is a method that is being used to help highway supervisors help to make pavement management choices. For them to be able to do so, they'll use pavement management software programs to illustrate future pavement damage which is cause by increment weather conditions and traffic. Pavement management companies also recommend actions and repairs of roads based on it's age and type. They evaluate the quality of roads and other paved structures on the ground or from a moving automobile; they can also use sensors that they put in the vehicle.

Pavement Management software assists it's user to generate a blended pavement level depending on the road's quality and its section. This will enable the person to make advice towards preventive maintenance rather than waiting for the road to get worse. Damaged roads require much more complex repairs which means higher costs. Pavement management executes various tasks, like inventory of pavement situations (good, bad, fair and poor); additionally, it assigns rankings for roads depending on class, community demand and traffic. They may also schedule maintenance of good roads to ensure they are in high quality condition; if the road is found to be fair and poor, they can also schedule repairs based on funds available.

These actions are being carried out since it is less expensive to maintain a road in great condition than repair it if they're broken. It can be said that pavement management's main priority is to prioritize preventive maintenance on roads and keep them in excellent condition rather than reconstructing them when they're will no longer serviceable. The software could also be used to determine funding requirements on a long-term maintenance work. This will allow people who are responsible for building and maintaining roadways and other tiled structures plan their move whenever roads need maintenance.

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