Wrath of Achilles

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Wrath of Achilles.jpg
Class Siege Perilous Class
Serial Number Unknown
Commander Ryan
Faction Commonwealth
Construction Facility Unknown
Home Planet Earth
Status Survived

The Wrath of Achilles is a DSX attack cruiser of the Commonwealth, built in the final phase of the war between Nietzscheans and the High Guard.

Although it was designed for pure destruction the Nietzscheans were able to capture it intact and brought it to the Tartarus system to delete the AI. While trapped in Tartarus, the Achilles became the leader of the trapped High Guard warships. After repeated failures to destroy the AIs, the Nietzscheans finally developed an AI eraser and deleted the Achilles AI. Ryan, the AI for the Clarion's Call took over and was also promoted to captain of the Achilles after the escape from Tartarus.


  • The name "Wrath of Achilles" comes from the first verse from the Iliad.


The Balance of Judgement, Wrath of Achilles, and Resolution of Hector are all supposed to be of the same class. However, in Episode 1x20, the Judgement is identified as a Siege Perilous Class destroyer. According to the All Systems University site, these three warships are of the Wrath of Achilles class, which raises other consistency issues. As such, this article lists the Wrath of Achilles as being both of the Siege Perilous and Wrath of Achilles class. Further explanation is offered on the Siege Perilous Class page.


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