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If a person gets asked which electronic device he will really need, the answer may be their smartphone. Smartphones can do almost anything nowadays, from the basic usage as calling friends and messaging family members to using them to play games and connect to the Internet. But with all of its functions, its battery life is very short. During times that you will need to recharge it but a nearby wall outlet is not available a power bank will become very useful.

A power bank can become an “extra battery” for your smartphone when it runs out of juice. You just need to connect your phone to it and the phone will start charging. Travellers find these useful during their trips and in some cases these can keep their GPS devices powered up so they can stay on the right track to their next destination.

Power banks come in different shapes and designs, but it’s not the design that you’re really going for but instead it’s the capacity of it. A 3000mah power bank will be a good example. Such a power bank will be able to provide enough power to keep your smartphone running for another day without plugging it to an electrical outlet.

The 3000mah power bank can be easily bought but there are still a few things to consider before buying one:

• You should find out how safe it is to use the power bank that you will be buying. Power banks made of substandard materials may start leaking during use, or worse, it may even explode when you are recharging it.

• Depending on how the power bank is made, it will have different materials used as the carrier of the electric charge. The most common will be Lithium-Ion batteries, but the more expensive ones are the Lithium-Polymer battery cells but they are known to have a better capacity.

• If you are planning to use a power bank with something as big as a tablet, you may have to look at the battery’s capacity. It should be able to match the gadget’s own battery capacity. A 3000mah power bank is more suited for smartphones and other smaller gadgets.

• You should also see that the output rate of the power bank that you’ll get should match the output rate of your gadget’s charger to ensure that gadget will work properly with it.

The Vority Vigor 3S lipstick sized-power bank is best suited for charging smartphones when you are unable to plug it to a wall outlet. Its 3,000 mAh capacity will ensure your phone will be able to get a full charge from it when you use it. At an output rate of 5v/1,000mA, the charging time from the power bank to your phone will be as fast, too. Safety features include an auto-off function when you are charging your smartphone and when you are recharging the power bank itself. It has a power button and LED indicators to tell you if it still has any juice or if it needs to be recharged already.

At 4.3 inches long, 0.9 inches wide and 0.9 inches thick, this will be one portable portable 3000mAh power bank. It can fit into any bag and is available in three colours: black, blue, and pink.

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