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On this page you'll find our partners and other valueable links about the topic Andromeda, which can be used as sources for our wiki. If you have a proposal to our linklist please go to the [ Forum] or write sth. to the [[AndroWiki talk:{{PAGENAME}}|discussion page]].
If one of the pages from "valuable link" is going to show our banner on their page, this page will be promoted to a "partner".
== Partners ==
'''The Harperfront'''
'''RS Atlantis - German SciFi chat & role-playing game with elements of Andromeda'''
'''SaveAndromeda - A page which is trying to save all the old official Andromeda pages'''
''' - Artwork, avatars/icons, wallpapers, screencaps and a good deal more'''
'''An Andromeda-based Roleplay'''
'''RS-Avalon - Science Fiction roleplay game with elements of Andromeda'''
'''ST-City - Science-Fiction Community with board, irc network and hoster of this wiki.'''
== valuable links ==
* [ All Systems University (ASU) (english)] - Database with a lot of official informations about Andromeda
* [ official Andromeda Website (english)] - official infos about the Andromeda Ascendant
* [ official Seamus Harper Website (english)] - official infos about the technics on the Andromeda and about the technican Harper
* [ official Andromeda Website (english)] - some interesting background infos
* [ official Andromeda Website (german)] - very good (german) summarys of episodes
* [ Lady Maigrey's Encyclopaedia (english)] - inofficial Andromeda Database
* [ Andromeda RPG (german)] - inofficial Andromeda Database
* [ Lady Maigrey Screencaps (english)] - many useful screencaps with a low quality
* [ Andromeda Web Screencaps (english)] - a few useful screencaps with a very high quality
== Banner exchange ==
Anyone who wants to link to our wiki may use this banner:<center></center>

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