Arzawa II

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Name Arzawa II
Location Greater Magellanic Cloud
Inhabitants 120 billion (33% Humans; 28& Perseids; 21% Than; 15% Vedrans; 3% miscellaneous)
Diameter 0,13 km / 0,8 mi
Water surface area 95%
Climate Varied

Arzawa II is now a world belonging to the Than Hegemony.

Mostly inhabited by humans living in modified Than mating groups and caste structures, Arzawa II maintains a largely resource-based economy which provides the other planets in the Hegemony with fish and other marine products. In CY 10065, Arzawa was the site of a vicious pogrom against its Nightsider population, a minority blamed by many for the depletion of the planet's fisheries.


  • Arzawa is a region or kingdom in what was later to be known as Lydia in Western Anatolia. It was the western neighbour and sometimes vassal of the Hittites, and probably bordered on the Assuwa league to the north. The language spoken in Arzawa during the Bronze Age and early Iron Age was Luwian, a member of the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European family. Its capital was Apasa (or Abasa), according to Hittite sources, which may correspond to the later Lydian capital Ephesus. (Wikipedia)


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