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The Siege Perilous class Atmospheric Attack Carrier (AAC) serves as the Group Operational Commander for a PRG during battlegroup operations. The AAC primary combat role is to destroy hostile tactical aircraft and defensive stations on the ground. It ensures that the skies are clear for dropships and other endo/exo-atmospheric craft during beach-head establishment, provides close air support (CAS) for Lancers on the ground, and destroys hostile ground forces in the interdiction zone. In addition, the AAC provides air traffic control for the PRG and directs all High Guard movement onto the objective. Although it is nearly as large as an XMC, the space on board an AAC is devoted almost entirely to hangar space and crew quarters. As a result, the AAC has limited value as a non-combat support ship aside from directing ship-to-surface relief operations from other platforms.


Alternative Specifications

The Siege Perilous class may actually be the real name of the Wrath of Achilles Class. In the episode Star-Crossed, the Balance of Judgement is identifed as a Siege Perilous destroyer, with armament specifications that match the data on the Wrath of Achilles class. The information below was taken from the All Systems University site and is inconsistent with the spoken information. If the Siege Perilous really is the class name of the Balance of Judgement, Wrath of Achilles, and Resolution of Hector, then its specifications would match those found on the Wrath of Achilles Class page, likely replacing that page.

Technical Data

  • Length: 1,000m
  • Beam: 750m
  • Height: 250m
  • Inertial Mass: 74,160,673 kg
  • Max Speed: Classified
  • 1 AI command and control entity


  • Ship's Complement: 3,700
  • Officer/Enlisted: 1/7

Sensor Systems

  • PAS-37Q System Search Sensor (Phased Array)
  • HSS-114D Hyper-Spectral Scanner (EO)
  • AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor (Synthetic Aperture/Moving Target Indicator)
  • AIS-117I Advanced Imaging Sensor (Inverse Synthetic Aperture)
  • ES/A-9R Electronic Support and Attack Measure Suite

Combat Systems


  • OM-5 standard offensive kinetic kill missiles
  • DM-5 standard defensive kinetic kill missiles
  • PM-6 Star Arrow smart anti-ship missiles
  • SAPM-6III Strike Arrow surface attack variant

Ships of the Siege Perilous Class

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