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Name Baltria
System Baltria Cluster
Inhabitants unknown (Human)
Diameter unknown
Water surface area 40%
Climate Varied

This once beautiful planet has been overdeveloped and ravaged by a 300 year feud between the Ch'Kadau and a group that renounced the Ch'Kadau heritage long ago. The energy source of the planet is the Gol-Rashen, and is protected by a 300 year old Commonwealth security system, that was designed by Dylan himself.

In Cy. 10090. Andromeda arrives at the planet Baltria responding on a distress call from a local prison. There is a prison riot going on and Dylan helps the local government stopping it. After the riot, an unknown female prisoner is missing. Dylan finds out that she is Siara, and the symbiant to the Gol-Rashen. She has been in prison for 300 years and forgotten who she was. Dylan helps her unlock the security system on the Gol-Rashen and she melds with the power plant. The power given to Siara allows her to restore the beauty back to Baltria, by removing the pollution, and restoring the planets vegetation.

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