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Name Cascada
Location unknown
Inhabitants 800,050,000 (800 million Mugani, 50,000 Colonists)
Diameter unknown
Water surface area 80% (Mostly Swamps)
Climate Moderate to Sub-Tropical
Mines in the Cascada-System

Cascada is the home world of the Mugani.

There are approximately 800 million Mugani living in the swaps of Cascada, all of which are suppressed and exploited as slaves by a minority of 50.000 Colonists of which the majority are humans. The native inhabitants are forced to dig for the highly radioactive Thorium 232.

The Cascada system is home to a minefield, a result of the civil war taking place on the planet's surface between the Colonists and the Mugani.

Bobby Jensen was a key figure in this conflict, taking Dylan Hunt and the Eureka Maru hostage in an effort to convince the Andromeda Ascendant to perform strategic missile strikes on three main cities on the planet's surface. The attempt failed though Dylan Hunt subsequently held peace talks between the Colonists and the Mugani.

The current political status of the planet is unknown.


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