Dyhedra III

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|image_name  =Dyhedra.jpg
|planet_name =Dyhedra III
|inhabitants =14 million (41% [[Perseid]], 24% [[Than]], 20% [[human]], 14% [[Kalderan]], 1% miscellaneous)
|location    =Milky Way Galaxy
|diameter    =10,800 km / 6,707 mi
|water_area  =51%
|climate    =Tropical
'''Dyhedra III''' was once famous throughout known space as a resort destination for well-heeled tourists from every conceivable destination. Fighting in the [[Nietzschean]] Uprising largely bypassed the Dyhedra system, but inhabitants didn't fare as well afterward.
In CY 9811, the Dyhedra system was seized by the [[Magog]] and the entire population murdered or driven off-world. The Magog continued to use the planet as a breeding world (the large population of native ungulates made an ideal food source for their ravenous prodigy) and base of operations for raiding neighboring systems until CY 10087, when the inhabitants of a nearby space station obtained a nova bomb and obliterated the entire system.
* [http://www.saveandromeda.com/allsystems/worlds/dehydraiii.htm Dyhedra III at the ASU]
* [[To Loose The Faithful Lightning]] ([[1x03]])

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