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Name Hasturi
Race Perseid
Birthplace unknown
Faction Wayist
Family Status unknown
Last Known Status Dead

Hasturi was a Wayfinder First Order and lived during the Long Night.

He was also called "Mad Perseid" and found allegedly the slipstream-route to Tarn-Vedra which he wrote down in his diary. Till this day it is unsettled whether the diary is the real way to Tarn Vedra. In CY 10087 the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant tries to follow the route, but had to give up because of its complexity.


  • "Screams of a billion murdered Stars give lie to the night's peace, While we cling in desperation to the few fragile spinning stones we call Worlds." (217 AFC)
  • "To a God, a wall is but a line on the page. We are all naked, seen beyond seeing." (217 AFC)
  • "The mirror is a window through which we see ourselves -- reversed and without form. Our deepest lies reborn, true." (217 AFC)
  • "The door opens. The edges meet. Step through and you find yourself lost. Stay where you are and you go nowhere." (AFC 217)


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