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I like easy rock guitar lessons just like you and it's because they're easy. I know that sounds moronically redundant, but more than half of beginning guitarists give up on their goals because of lessons or courses that are just too hard.

 Whether you're trying to get free skype guitar lessons are trying to learn the bass guitar online is looking for basic lessons on how to play solo electric guitar, YouTube is a great place to go.

These online guitar lessons is a great way to see if your child really wants to play the guitar or they think it is just really cool to think they are playing. You won't be out of a lot of money and they can have fun as well. Many kids dream of being the next Eddie Van Halen, but they do not realize how much work and years it took him to get where he is today. It takes hours and hours each day of dedication to be good, really good. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The apparent benefit of personal, private, lessons is that you have a teacher right there to help and correct you in real time, face to face. If your teacher is good and knows how to teach as well as play the guitar you can make great progress. A lot of guitar teachers are guitarists supplementing their income by teaching. Whilst these "teachers" may be great guitarists, not all of them can actually teach, be careful in selecting your teacher as webcam guitar lessons can become quite expensive. Try to get a recommendation from someone you know who has experience of a good local teacher or ask at your local music shop.

It gives one a sense of satisfaction. If you manage to teach yourself guitar playing and excel, you will no doubt get a deep sense of pride in your abilities. This sense of achievement will make you happy and increase your self-esteem.

Cost has to be considered, especially since everything is getting more expensive around us. Let's take the example above of $10 per lesson, and assume four lessons of a half hour each per month. That means you pay $40 per month for 2 hours of lesson time. In contrast most online guitar lesson memberships charge under $30 for unlimited access to thousands of minutes of lessons. The value for your dollar is much greater when you learn to play the guitar online.

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