Makrai VII

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Name Makrai VII
Location Kaa Core, Andromeda Galaxy
Inhabitants "Number of inhabitants"
Diameter 13,440 km / 8,347 mi
Water surface area "Percentage of water coverage"
Climate Subtropical to Tropical

Previous Information

The humid, heavily forested Makrai VII is the primary home of the intelligent, felinoid Makra. Despite having a sophisticated culture and extensive technology, an observer in orbit would be hard pressed to find any sign that Makrai VII is inhabited by a technological species. This is due to the famous Makra environmental ethic and its equally famous motto "gentle be the hand that lies on the land." Due to their intense attachment to their homeworld, few Makra have emigrated over the centuries. And while offworlders are welcome to study or visit, strict immigration and environmental controls prevent any from settling permanently.

Current Information

Makrai VII has suffered greatly since the fall of the Commonwealth. While the Nietzscheans stayed clear of the world during their uprising and Magog raids were repulsed at great cost, this beautiful planet has more recently been victimized by loggers, miners, slavers, and other exploiters, most working under the auspices of the Free Trade Alliance, which claims jurisdiction over the system. Most tragically, the Makra themselves must hire their services out to their planet's despoilers in order to survive, marking them as collaborators in the eyes of their fellow inhabitants. An underground resistance movement, Tears of the Forest, remains active but hasn't made much headway against Makrai VII's occupiers.

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