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Name Ne'Holland
Location/System unknown
Inhabitants Human
Diameter unknown
Water surface area Estimated 60%
Climate Varied

This once peaceful planet is located on a major slipstream axis. Because of it's location, it was one of the first planets attacked by Magog after the Fall, but they managed to successfully fend off the magog. After attack, the planet fell into a period of anarchy and civil war for a century, until Vincent the first declared himself king. The planet went on with prosperity and stability for 200 years under the rule of Vincent and his descendants, until Archduke Constantine and the Five Barons decided that the ownership of most of the land entitled them to rule. Then another civil war arose. Millions were lost, the king assassinated, and the capital was over ran. The rebels established themselves as the Noble Protectorate, and claimed to be the legit government of Ne'Holland. The Andromeda stumbled apon the latest kings son(Eric) trying to escape the Protectorate, and rescued him. With help from the crew of the Andromeda, the Protectorate was defeated, Eric was announced king of Ne'Holland, and Ne'Holland signed the new Commonwealth charter.


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