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Planets Mentioned in Andromeda Episodes

Planetname Location Description
Acheron Andromeda Galaxy Inhabited by the Drago-Karzov Pride to collect revenue
Albadar ------------------ ------------------
Almagest Cistaro System Home to the greatest shipyard in the three galaxies.
Arazia Greater Magellanic Cloud Destitute, war-torn world in the grip of a crime wave
Arkland ------------------ ------------------
Arun-Roy ------------------ Where Beka and Tyr met to discuss the star map.
Arzawa II Greater Magellanic Cloud A world belonging to the Than Hegemony
Baltria Baltria Cluster Location of the Gol-Rashen
Bathsheba ------------------ ------------------
Benesseret ------------------ ------------------
Birrin ------------------ Mining planet. Overran by Magog
Blackwell's World ------------------ ------------------
Brahma ------------------ The first battle between the old Commonwealth and the Pyrians was over this planet.
Brandenburg Tor Muttawalis Globular Cluster Nietzschean population decimated by Magog Rallying cry for Nietzschean insurrectionists
Calliope Triangulum Galaxy Where Beka's brother got his guns for gun running.
Candisland ------------------ Was attacked with a voltarium strike 30 years after the Battle of Witchhead, according to harper in Angel Dark, Demon Bright
Cascada ------------------ Native population called Mugani forced to mine Thorium 232
Castalia Orion Arm, Milky Way Humans modified to breathe water
Cestus Martialis Andromeda Galaxy ------------------
Delta Betor ------------------ ------------------
Delgron V ------------------ Mentioned in Slipfighter The Dogs Of War, but nothing significant was mentioned
Diphda V Orion Arm, Milky Way Heavily urbanized center of trade and commerce
Dyhedra III Milky Way A once famous tourist destination overrun by Magog
Earth Orion Arm, Milky Way ------------------
Elba IX ------------------ Guarded by an Atrox designed as a fortress moon
Empyrium ------------------ Planet was evacuated for being seismically unstable, then it just disappeared
Enga's Redoubt Triangulum Galaxy Homeworld to the Drago-Kazov Pride
Enkindu Andromeda Galaxy Battleground for the Sabra and Jaguar Nietzschean Prides
Fountainhead Omari Globular Cluster Homeworld of the Nietzscheans
Fenree ------------------ ------------------
Frinara Phrynia Star System Where the Bio-Armor was being produced
Galena orbits the star Guarnieri-12 A former mining planet, now turned into a hospitality planet
Gallaphron ------------------ ------------------
Gehenna ------------------ Monsoons
Genesha ------------------ The gas giant that Arkology orbited
Golden Harvest ------------------ Location of Quantum Technologies
Halcyon Greater Magellanic Cloud ------------------
Haukin Venya ------------------ volcanic planet
Hazen-Brown ------------------ Andromeda was tasked out to help the Chichin population when tectonic plate shifting caused natural disasters
Helios IX ------------------ Heavily guarded prison planet
Hephaistos IV Perseus Arm, Milky Way Site of the first battle of the Nietzschean Uprising
Herodotus Kaa Arm, Andromeda Galaxy Destroyed by Pax Magellanic
Iceworld ------------------ Nietzschean planet infested with Scworms
Inaris ------------------ Volcanic planet devastated in civil war started by one of Trances kind
Infinity Atoll Milky Way Home to pan-galactic surfing contest. Homeworld of the amphibious Bamiya
Juko ------------------ A planet with a very high murder rate
Kalderash Lesser Magellanic Cloud Homeworld of the Kaldera
Kalfus IV ------------------ ------------------
Kasimir Triangulum Galaxy The Fiftieth World signed The New Commonwealth charter
Kingfisher ------------------ Devastated by Magog. Rev's birthplace
Krishnamurti Sukarit Globular Cluster A center of Wayist learning and activity
Krrendar IV Triangulum Galaxy Original homeworld of the Nightsider ceded to Pyrians
Lundmark ------------------ Where Marshal Man Ka-Lupe is targeted by a famous assassin named "The Leper"
Machen Alpha Greater Magellanic Cloud Prejudiced against AI’s
Makrai VII Kaa Core, Andromeda Galaxy Home of the Makra
Mardiks IV Arkland System Where Harper was going hover boarding in The Shards of Rimni (3x02)
Marduk Andromeda Galaxy Fearsome orbital defenses, dictatorship suppressed population
Midden Andromeda Galaxy Subjugated by Drago-Karzov pride Key supplier of agricultural products to Enga's Redoubt
Misculon Misculon Rimmer System Harbors several well known criminals
Mobius Greater Magellanic Cloud High Guard Military Academy
Mordecai ------------------ Evacuated in pre fall times by Andromeda and Million Voices
Ne'Holland ------------------ One of the first planets attacked by the Magog, it lies on a major Slipstream Nexus
New Krrendar Lesser Magellanic Cloud Inhabited by Nightsider refugees
Ornithone Andromeda Galaxy Where a species called Mandelbrots spawns once every century
Perliss Mott ------------------ This Saturn like gas giant has seven moons. The seventh, Septa Parisis, concealed a worldship inside it.
Pyria ------------------ Homeworld of the Pyrians
Pythia Triangulum Galaxy Terraformed and settled by the Than Hegemony
Ral Avar Ral System A gas giant in the Ral System that neighbors Ral Parthia
Ral Parthia Ral System Cut off from slipstream by Vedrans, a Planetary Nature Reserve
Rodina ------------------ Had a recent breakout of Makrai Fever that infected 95% of it's 32.6 million population
Rose V Ganglar System Where the Map Of Everywhere was found
Samsara ------------------ Evacuated and destroyed by the Commonwealth to keep the planet out of the hands of the Pyrians
San-Ska-Re Triangulum Galaxy Homeworld of the Than-Thre-Kull
Savion ------------------ A myth states that his planet is visited every so often by a being called the Cetus
Schopenhauer's World Triangulum Galaxy Frontline battleground for the Nietzschean Jaguar and Sabra Prides
Serendipity ------------------ Home of the Hajirans people with genetic memories
Seefra I Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Where Dylan and Rhade ended up, after Trance went supernova
Seefra II Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Where the avatar of Seefra I's moon was found.
Seefra III Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Seefra IV Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Seefra V Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Where a religious sect established by Burma that completely shuns advanced technology.
Seefra VI Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Seefra VII Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Where Harper was found after Trance went supernova
Seefra VIII Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
Had a mine full of uniquely charged and radioactive quartz crystals
Seefra IX Paa Core, Andromeda Glxy,
(Hidden in a Tesseract)
The Andromeda was found near this planet, after Trance went supernova at Arkology
Shintaido Triangulum Galaxy Where the Engine of Creation was held.
Sinti Perseus Arm, Milky Way The Perseid home world, and first to sign the new Commonwealth charter
Sparborth IV ------------------ ------------------
Strinberg ------------------ ------------------
Svarog's Anvi ------------------ The Hammer Bar, mining world
Tarazed Triangulum Galaxy Settled by descendants of the Andromeda and the Starry Wisdom. Capital of the Restored Systems Commonwealth.
Tarn-Vedra Paa Core, Andromeda Galaxy Original capital of the Systems Commonwealth; cut off from slipstream
Tartaros ------------------ A brown dwarf where the Nietzscheans corralled a bunch of hyguard ships, to try to remove their AI
Teutonia VI ------------------ ------------------
Trillin Trillin System A sparsely populated planet that was devastated from civil war and disease
Tsunami ------------------ According to harper in Angel Dark, Demon Bright there will be a (shark-fur)? trade on this planet, not long after the Battle of Witchhead
Ugroth Pereus Arm, Milky Way Original homeworld of the Perseids, largely abandoned by them
Venseremos ------------------ Homeworld of Pride Jaguar and capital of the united Sabra-Jaguar Pride
Veras ------------------ A planet where no body tells a lie, or they are punished with inflicted vegetative stasis up to decapitation
Virgil Nine Virgil System Was evacuated because of a solar storm. Also is infested with metal dissolving maggots
Xochital ------------------ Has diamond mines that are mined by slaves
Ymir ------------------ Has an icy moon called Buri
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