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Class Siege Perilous Class
Serial Number DSX 91-369
Commander Balance of Judgment
Faction Commonwealth/Restorians
Construction Facility Sinti
Home Planet Sinti
Status destroyed

The Resolution of Hector was one of the first new ships to enter service in the new formed High Guard after the re-establishment of the Commonwealth.

Shortly before its commissioning, the vessel was taken over by the AI of the Balance of Judgement who, since the destruction of its own ship, had hid itself inside Rommie.

The Resolution of Hector escaped the Andromeda Ascendant and gathered Restorian fighters with the intent of resurrecting the movement. However, Captain Hunt and the AI originally designed for the Resolution, Hector, managed to infiltrate the Resolution and retake it. Rommie managed to convince the Balance to surrender, though its Avatar, Remiel, refused and was ejected into space.


The Balance of Judgement, Wrath of Achilles, and Resolution of Hector are all supposed to be of the same class. However, in Episode 1x20, the Judgement is identified as a Siege Perilous Class destroyer. According to the All Systems University site, these three warships are of the Wrath of Achilles class, which raises other consistency issues. As such, this article lists the Resolution of Hector as being both of the Siege Perilous and Wrath of Achilles class. Further explanation is offered on the Siege Perilous Class page.


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