Scores Of Amazon Customers Explain Why They Gave Stroller Organizer 5 Stars

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Freddie and Sebbie has announced the very first year anniversary for their best-selling stroller organizer on, revealing customers' thoughts on the product so far expressed.

Freddie and Sebbie is a Nevada based accessory business focusing on, as co-founder Neil Speight says: "Just simply making life simpler for the entire household." They have actually built up an accessory range including over 20 products in the 2 years that they have been trading on, with some of their products, such as the Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer, reaching a nearly perfect client score after only one year of sales.

With customer comments such as: "This is the best stroller organizer I've discovered," and "looks excellent and serves even much better!" it is easy to see why this stroller organizer has made its way onto the top 20 stroller organization accessories on With 2 insulated drink holders and four pockets for essentials, this organizer is specifically designed to fit any way of life a parent can throw at it. It features a unique Velcro fastening system, and not only will it fit around any stroller, it is guaranteed to to remain fixed in place, and weighing in at 9 ounces, it is light-weight enough for any parent to keep complete control over their stroller.

Neil Speight added: "We noticed that with some of our rivals, the quality of the materials used was frequently reflected in the price. Freddie and Sebbie is constructed out of a need for both quality and value-for-money, so we specifically saw to it that we could source the highest quality materials on the market, whilst offering our products at the best possible price. In fact, to show that, we even bundle a completely free life-time guarantee with each and every single one of our products, so our customers know how serious we are about quality."

After just one year on the marketplace, the Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer has already received a remarkable 119 customer ratings, giving this product an average Amazon score of 4.6 stars. United States mom Jomama, described the organizer as "Awesome! And it's just so durable! I love this organizer and I'm so sad I lost a lot of money on all the other organizers when the best one was looking me in the face!", whilst Shine, wrote: "This is precisely what I was looking for in a stroller organizer!" It is clear that Freddie and Sebbie has made an effect on the child care industry. "We re still a very young business," Speight says, adding: "However we are really putting ourselves on the map. People are comparing our products to huge brands, and our products have just been around for 2 years! I think our standards in quality are second-to-none, and our incredible clients can see that."

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