Seefra I

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Name Seefra I
Location Paa Core, Andromeda Galaxy, In a Tesseract
Inhabitants Unknown (mostly Human)
Diameter 11,930 km / 7,409 mi
Water surface area 0%
Climate Arid

This arid, dry, mountainous planet is very run down, short on water, and shuns advanced technology. It rarely rains on this planet, and when it does, it is acidic. If that weren't bad enough, the planet also has to cope with occasional meteorite strikes. The planet has one moon called Iony, and Two suns, one of which blinks out occasionally. There is a town on this planet called Boyagen, where the well know Virgil Vox broadcasts a radio show from.

As bad as it sounds, this is what became of Tarn-Vedra, when it was cut off from slipstream. The Vedrans used the same technology to hide Tarn-Vedra in a tesseract, just like they did with Ral Parthia, leaving the Route of Ages to be the only way in or out of this system.

During the battle with the Magog World Ship, at Arkology, Trance told Dylan to enter the route of ages. The Route of Ages brought Dylan to Seefra I, and after Trance went supernova at Arkology, the rest of the crew was also suddenly transported to the Seefra system. It didn't take Dylan long to realize that he was home, and that this run down excuse of a planet was once Tarn-Vedra.


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