Seefra VII

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no current data available
Name Seefra VII (destroyed)
Location Paa Core, Andromeda Galaxy, In a tesseract
Inhabitants Sparse(Marika, Gogle, Genetically Altered Beings)
Diameter unknown
Water surface area 0%
Climate Arid

This is another dusty, dry, mountainous planet, that has very little water, if any. After Trance went supernova at Arkology, this is where harper ended up. He ended up working under a geneticist by the name of Marika, who was trying to genetically recreate a new Vedran race. Harper tried to restore Rommie here, but ended up creating another android, who he named Doyle, and convinced that it was human. The underground tunnel system on this planet is roamed by many of Marika's genetic abominations. This planet was destroyed, from serving it's purpose of the Vedran celestial braking system made to stop Trance's sun.


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