Seefra VIII

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no current data available
Name Seefra VIII (destroyed)
Location Paa Core, Andromeda Galaxy, In a Tesseract
Inhabitants Unknown(98% Surog, 2% Human)
Diameter unknown
Water surface area Estimated 70%
Climate Variable

This planet is somewhat different from it's other Seefra sisters, as in it actually has a fare amount of vegetation on it's surface. The planet also harbors a uniquely charged and radioactive type of quartz crystals below it's surface. The natives of this planet, the Surog, were enslaved and being forced to mine the quartz, by a man named Cutter. When Dylan came to the planet to get some of the quartz, he realized the radio activity was killing the surog, and helped the surog to escape the planet. Then he destroyed the mines so that nobody could be forced to work them again. This planet was another casualty of the celestial braking systems made to stop Trance's sun.

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