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Hypothetical projection of a slipscout

Slipscouts are ships which are used to discover and map the slipstream.

According to Rommie it's theoretically impossible to determine or even map the Slipstream, as it perpetually alters. Nonetheless, the Nietzscheans managed to map the slipstream with the aid of a fleet of slipscouts "from the smallest group to the Virgo Cluster and 10 billion transit points in between" (translated quotation from Gaiton), before the Long Night.

The chance of an AI to navigate the slipstream successfully is about 50%. This is the reason why organic Slipstream navigators, which have a chance of 99,97% due to their intuition, are required. Using the map generated by Deep Midnight's Voice, it becomes possible for either an AI or an organic pilot to be right 100% of the time.

"The Slipstream is owned by the one who measured it" (transl. quot. from Gaiton)



  • Ship's Complement: probably 2

Combat Systems

  • probably no weapons

Ships of Slipscout Class


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