The Mathematics of Tears

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"If hope is the engine of the soul,
Then duty is the navigator...
And love is the fuel."

High Guard Supreme Commander, Sani nax Rifati
Season One
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1x13 - Music of a Distant Drum
Episode 012 (1x12)



The Andromeda Ascendant finds its sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, with some of its original crew still running the ship.


  • Gerentex created a list of 40 High Guard wrecks, the Andromeda was the 6th one the Eureka Maru investigated.
  • Dylan references his new crews constant diversions while away, in A Rose in the Ashes Rev was away at a Wayist retreat, in The Ties That Blind Harper was at a Surfing Competition and now Trance is observing a rare flower.



  • Once it's known that the crew of the Pax Magellanic are androids we can hear the "engines" of their joints. The same happens in Under The Night & An Affirming Flame.
  • Jim Finn and the Visual FX team received a 2001 Gemini (Canadian Emmy-equivalent) nomination for this episode.

(Eldorado Drift)

Guest Stars

  • Nathaniel DeVeaux as Dutch
  • Lee Erdman as Pax Magellanic's Avatar
  • Janyse Jaud as Pax Magellanic's Avatar
  • Thomas Milburn Jr. as a WO1
  • Douglas O'Keeffe as Captain Captain Warrick
  • Monika Schnarre as Lieutenant Jill Pearce


  • Air time: 29.01.2001
  • Season One Production Crew
  • Writer: Ashley Edward Miller & Serrate Stentz
  • Director: T.J. Scott
  • Teleplay: Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer
  • Cut: Gordon Rempel

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