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Den of Goods Launches TempIR Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Recognized Euro marketing organization introduces innovative item in the United Kingdom as well as the USA. Healthcare facility innovation is now offered for use in the home at a budget-friendly price.

Nowadays, pulse oximeters are usual fixture in almost all medical facilities and healthcare facilities. They are used to determine the oxygen saturation within the bloodstream, and can provide valuable and potentially lifesaving important information to clinical specialists within seconds. Generally, an oximeter can indicate if the patient has adequate oxygen distributing in the blood to keep the essential body organs supplied with the oxygen they need to have to work properly.

If an individual's oxygen saturation drops below the normal spectrum of 95 to 98 per cent, there is a chance of respiratory problems, and if supplementary oxygen isn't given, there can be a real risk of body organ failure, or perhaps fatality. A transportable finger pulse oximeter is for that reason very useful in families where there are asthma sufferers, or where a member of the family suffers from chronic breathing problems similar to bronchitis or cystic fibrosis.

Sales Leader Jennifer Marina explains why men and women must think about purchasing the TempIR Finger Pulse Oximeter:

'These days, an increasing number of men and women wish to be proactive in dealing with their very own wellness at house. You may be able to prevent unnecessary sees to the doctor's surgery and lengthy waits at the healthcare facility if you can provide more info to your wellness care practitioner. Despite the fact that a finger pulse oximeter may not seem to be an essential home requirement, it can definitely show helpful if a member of the family has a health issue which may jeopardize regular oxygen saturation. Anybody with asthma, cystic fibrosis or any various other lung or heart problem would almost certainly gain from obtaining the TempIR Pulse Oximeter in the house, to enable them to keep an eye on oxygen saturation levels on a routine basis.

Den of Goods is excited to introduce this product. Like all our products, it is manufactured to the best standards, and we are supplying it at a price that will fit all pockets. We feel honored to be presenting such an innovative product for house use, and we're positive that our consumers will be as pleased with the TempIR Pulse Oximeter as we are'.

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