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The Vedran are natives of Tarn-Vedra and are the founders of the Systems Commonwealth. They were considered by many before the Fall to be superior beings. During the second year of the Nietzschean Insurrection Tarn-Vedra was cut off from the Slip Stream by the Vedrans themselves and remained isolated for over 300 years until they rejoined the known worlds in CY 10092.



The Vedran resemble the Centaur of the Greek mythology, with a manlike torso and four legs. However their skin and blood are blue, and they do not have any skin. Instead head and Lower Body are covered with feather down. Male Vedrans have a remarkable crest on their head and back, which are equipped with very long and multicolored feathers/spines.


The Vedran are a sexually dimorphic race. Male representatives of the race tend to be less intelligent but far more aggressive than their female counterparts. In addition there is approximately eight times as many male Vedran as female, which is why most 'families' contain a single female with multiple males (the Head Male has mating rights over the others).

The Vedran lives in a matriarchal society - loyalty always applies thereby to the female leader of the appropriate herd. Herds are organized into tribes, which are again organized into nations, and all are loyal to the Empress, the head of the Vedran Species.

Social Behavior

The Vedran were the first to discover Slipstream, which is the only known way to travel between Systems. The Vedrans used this new technology to conquer neighboring systems and found the Vedran Empire which would eventually evolve into the Systems Commonwealth.

Known Vedrans

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