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Do you see yourself regularly replacing the wallpaper on your tablet? Not just your wallpaper on your tablet that you see frequently has an significant role, I feel that what covers the walls of our flats play a/an equally important role too. The paper that we use to conceal our walls are not just ordinary paper we use for writing or drawing. But instead, we have to realize the capability and meaning of having a suitable wallpaper that goes with your apartments. It deliver the vibes in you and fixes the tone of how you are going to embark each new day.

Wallux is a Singapore wallpaper organization and an growth of dpatterns Wallcovering and has been in the market since 2010. For convenience sake, we feature this site as an online purchasing shop for attracted users to look and purchase our collections of wall mural, wall art and wall paper with detailed information clipped to every product. Most of our wallpapers and murals rolls in vinyl material, light water resistant, odourless and make use of eco-friendly products that have gone through ISO testing and industrial regulation standard.

Wall art is a type of art where it comes in several sorts like wall painting and wall murals. The wallpapers that we bring in comes largely from Korea, Japan, Europe, USA and China. Most of the layouts as well as the wallpapers purchasable in Singapore relates to the tastes of vintage to contemporary styles such as stones, bricks, rustic concrete finishing, modern like the ocean wallpaper and heap wallpaper Singapore.

Our quick and dedicate squad operates completely with interior, architectural design firms, corporate and various consumers who deal largely with residential, commercial and retail projects. We too provide our clients with free wallpaper samples for all mural and installer numbers. We go the extra effort in providing you with the greatest few samples that we think would link your desired tastes. You will soon be able to experience and appreciate in the beauty of the atmosphere that your wallpaper displays to you.

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