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Name Dylan Hunt
Race Paradine
Birthplace Tarn-Vedra
Faction Systems Commonwealth
Family Status No known living relatives.
Last Known Status Commanding Officer: Andromeda Ascendant



Dylan Hunt was a citizen of the Systems Commonwealth and High Guard officer in the CY 9700's. He was most noted for being the commanding officer of the Andromeda Ascendant.

In CY 10087, Hunt was discovered alive onboard his ship over 300 years after being caught and frozen in time on the event horizon of a black hole.

Captain Hunt had set out to re-establish the civilization he had left behind.

Physiological Profile


Born on Tarn-Vedra, he started his military career as a non-commissioned officer in the local Home Guard. While he was serving as a noncom in the High Guard he was recommended for officer training and graduated from the High Guard Academy on Tarn-Vedra with honors.

He eventually became a lieutenant commander in Argosy Special Operations and later promoted to commander then finally captain and assigned as the Andromeda Ascendant's commanding officer; a role he filled until the infamous Nietzschean insurrection.

  • *Note: -Mother was genetically modified for high gravities, father was a Vedran.
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