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Name Tarazed
Location Triangulum Galaxy, 4th planet orbiting a yellow dwarf
Inhabitants Unknown(mostly Human, and Nietzschean)
Diameter unknown
Water surface area Estimated 70%
Climate Temperate

Tarazed was established by Sara Riley with the families and crews of the Starry Wisdom and Andromeda Ascendant. It was created to preserve the ideals of the Systems Commonwealth in preparation for Captain Dylan Hunt's return. Because of its remoteness, Tarazed remained undisturbed during the Long Night and emerged as a stable and safe world. Because it also preserved the technologies of the Commonwealth, Tarazed was in its own rights a major power.

Contact with the galaxy at large was reestablished when Lieutenant Jamahl Rodriguez Hernandez Brown found the Andromeda Ascendant and invited Dylan to Tarazed. There, Dylan was greeted as a hero and a vote was called to see whether Tarazed would sign the Commonwealth Charter. However, an isolationist movement had also grown and managed to defeat the first attempt. This prompted Rakel Ben-Tzion, the First Triumvir, to stage a Magog attack in an attempt to make Tarazed sign the charter. The ploy resulted in the death of Lieutenant Brown and ultimately the arrest of Triumvir Ben-Tzion by Admiral Telemachus Rhade with Dylan's help.

Tarazed eventually signed the Charter and after the establishment of the Restored Systems Commonwealth went on to become its capital. This made it the site of several internal power struggles and also the target of a massive Nietzschean attack that was thwarted by Captain Hunt.


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