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"Machiavelli's ideas are
basically sound ones for the
Nietzschean people.
he was an optimist."

Cerebus Khmer
"Aphorism" - C.Y. 8969
Season One
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Episode 005 (1x05)



The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant find themselves caught in a centuries old dispute between the Than Hegemony and the Orca Pride. Captain Dylan Hunt attempts to resolve the situation diplomatically and sends Tyr Anasazi to deal with the Orcas. However, when an Orca female chooses Tyr as her mate, his loyalties begin to waver.




  • In geometry a double helix (plural helices) typically consists of two congruent helices with the same axis, differing by a translation along the axis, which may or may not be half-way. In modern popular culture, the double helix shape is strongly associated with DNA. That the double helix is the structure of DNA was first published by James D. Watson and Francis Crick in 1953, based on work by Rosalind Franklin. (Wikipedia)


  • Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (May 3, 1469 – June 21, 1527) was an Italian political philosopher, musician, poet, and romantic comedic playwright. He is a figure of the Italian Renaissance and a central figure of its political component, most widely known for his treatises on realist political theory (The Prince) on the one hand and republicanism (Discourses on Livy) on the other. (Wikipedia)
  • Cerebus the Aardvark, or simply Cerebus (pronounced "Sare-uh-buss"), is an independent comic book. Cerebus is a morally ambiguous character, at times sympathetic, at others unpalatably callous. He is often foul-mouthed and uncouth, has a vicious temper, and loves getting drunk, to the point where he could be considered an alcoholic. (Wikipedia)
  • The Khmer Rouge was the ruling political party of Cambodia -- which it renamed to Democratic Kampuchea -- from 1975 to 1979. The Khmer Rouge is remembered mainly for the deaths of an estimated 1.5 million people (estimates range from 850,000 to 3 million) under its regime, through execution, starvation and forced labor. Following their leader Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge imposed an extreme form of social engineering on Cambodian society - a radical form of agrarian communism where the whole population had to work in collective farms or forced labor projects. One of their mottoes, in reference to the New People, was: "To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss." (Wikipedia)
  • An aphorism (literally distinction or definition, from Greek αφοριζειν "to define") expresses a general truth in a pithy sentence. (Wikipedia)


  • Guderian: "The Commonwealth? Why not the Confederate States of America? Or the Lost Knights of Teutonia VI?"
    • The Confederate States of America (also called the Confederacy, the Confederate States, and CSA) was the government formed by eleven southern states of the United States of America between 1861 and 1865. (Wikipedia)
    • The Teutonic Knights or Teutonic Order (Latin: Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Ierosolimitanorum, "Order of the German House of St. Mary in Jerusalem", German: Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem or more commonly Deutscher Orden) is a German-based Roman Catholic religious order formed at the end of the 12th century in Acre, Palestine. During the Middle Ages they were a crusading military order and wore white surcoats with a black cross. (Wikipedia)
  • Freya: "Barbarossa, son of Hannibal, or Barbarossa, son of Temujin?"

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, (247 BC – ca. 183 BC, short form Hannibal) was a Carthaginian military commander and tactician, later also working in other professions, who is popularly credited as one of the finest commanders in history. His most famous achievement was at the outbreak of the Second Punic War, when he marched an army, which included war elephants, from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into northern Italy. (Wikipedia)


Guest Stars

  • Paul Johannson as Guderian
  • Dylan Bierk as Freya
  • Marion Eisman as Olma
  • Steve Bacic as Gaheris Rhade
  • Stuart O'Connell as Dimitri
  • Elizabeth Thai as Than-Pilot


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