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Race Nietzscheans
Origin Fountainhead
Capital Enga's Redoubt
Distribution Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxy
Government Military Dictatorship
Leader William Ataturk
Status Widely Spread

The Drago-Kazov is the most powerful Nietzschean pride and the one that spearheaded the uprising against the Systems Commonwealth. The pride was formed when Drago joined with the Kazov pride, breaking with the Museveni pride. The Drago-Kazov were also the ones that spearheaded the uprising against the Systems Commonwealth and thus the most responsible for the Long Night. The war weakened the Drago-Kazov, encouraging Pride Jaguar to betray and attack them. This shattered any hope for a unified Nietzschean Empire and resulted in the prides fighting amongst themselves for domination.

The Long Night saw the extinction of many prides. However, unlike many other factions, the Drago-Kazov only grew in power, conquering much of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, including Earth, the homeworld of humanity. Control of major slipstream points like Acheron also gave the Dragans major strategic advantages and another revenue stream by collecting tolls on passing ships. In 10065, the Drago-Kazov declared themselves the rightful guardians of the remains of Drago Museveni, attacking their former allies Kodiak Pride in an effort to reclaim it. The Kodiaks were wiped out with few survivors and the Progenitor's remains were taken to Enga's Redoubt. By the time the Andromeda Ascendant was salvaged, the Drago-Kazov controlled the largest fleet in the known worlds.

Though the Drago-Kazov remained a major power, it was unable to prevent an alliance between the Sabra and the Jaguar prides, resulting in a war between the united Sabra-Jaguar and themselves. This war would ultimately end in a stalemate once the Commonwealth Charter signatures joined with the Sabra-Jaguar and the Drago-Kazov found themselves also having to subdue rebellions on many of their slave worlds. When Tyr Anasazi proclaimed himself to be the Progenitor's genetic reincarnation and managed to pass the DNA tests, the Drago-Kazov joined him though lost their homeworld in the process. Ultimately they and several other Nietzschean prides joined on an attack against Tarazed, the new Commonwealth capital, but were stopped by Captain Hunt.

The Drago-Kazov are a militant pride and even allow children born with defects like sterility to live. However, these children must then prove their worth or risk bringing more shame to their families.

Drago-Kazov Leaders


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