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Tyr Anasazi.jpg
Race Nietzschean
Origin Fountainhead
Capital None
Distribution Scattered
Government None
Leader None
Status Destroyed

Kodiak Pride was a fairly small but important Nietzschean pride. The Kodiaks were entrusted with the remains of Drago Museveni by the Drago-Kazov and had their security guaranteed by several other Nietzschean prides. These included the Jaguar and Orca Prides. However, in CY 10065, the Dragans decided they were the rightful guardians of the Progenitor's remains and attacked the Kodiak. The Kodiaks called upon their allies to help them but all refused and stood by as the Kodiaks were wiped out or taken into slavery.

Very few Kodiaks survived and those who did were sold into slavery. However, the most notable survivor, Tyr Anasazi, would reclaim the Progenitor's remains and even father the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni. In his desire for revenge, Tyr eventually orchestrated the destruction of Enga's Redoubt, the Dragan homeworld.

Nietzschean prides
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