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Machen Alpha.jpg
Name Machen Alpha
Location Greater Magellanic Cloud
Inhabitants 7.3 Billion (98% Human, 2% AI)
Diameter 12,300 km / 7,639 mi
Water surface area 70%
Climate Varied

Machen Alpha is a world, which made very bad experiences with AIs.

This densely populated, Earthlike world was a center of human industry during the Commonwealth era, famous for producing some of known space's most advanced artificial intelligence entities. After the Fall, its citizens turned to AIs to help maintain stability. This worked for a time until the logic became overwhelming. When there was famine, the AIs would order the deaths of the old and infirm. When there was plague, the AIs would order the victims isolated. Eventually the people of Machen Alpha rebelled and overthrew the AIs, driving most offworld. Some remained, carrying out what they termed "penance." The organic population became extremely prejudiced against any AIs and limited outside contact as a result.

The people of Machen Alpha eventually received an intact Magog Swarm Ship with armed Point Singularity Projectors (CY 10088). They reverse-engineered this technology and incorporated it into the Basilisk, their new warship, and used it to destroy a neighboring world. When they made a move against Mobius, a recent signatory of the Commonwealth Charter, the Andromeda Ascendant and her crew arrived to defend the world. This resulted in Machen Alpha losing not only the Basilisk but also the Swarm Ship. With their secret weapons gone, Machen Alpha once more became a minor power.


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