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A Nova Bomb

The Nova Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction used by the High Guard.

The warning sign

Nova Bombs are strategic weapons capable of destroying entire solar systems. They achieve this by neutralizing the gravitational forces holding together large bodies, whether it be a sun or even a black hole. Voltarium is the key ingredient in this reaction. Nova Bombs were never used by the old Commonwealth in battle, a doctrine which helped spur on the Nietzschean Rebellion.

With the fall of the Commonwealth the technology needed to build such weapons was lost to most. They were considered so powerful that 24 of them were considered enough of a force so as to create a new Empire, or Commonwealth depending on the wielder's preference. The first confirmed launch of a Nova Bomb in anger was when one destroyed the Dyhedra System. Since then these weapons have been used several times.

As powerful as such weapons are, there is a limit to their destructiveness. 40 Nova Bombs, the complete inventory of the Andromeda Ascendant, only managed to convert a black hole into a white hole. This conversion was also temporary, as the white hole collapsed upon itself and reverted back to its original state. The Worldship also survived a Nova detonation, though the destruction of its artificial sun seriously damaged it. Curiously, on the second encounter with the Andromeda, a full payload of Novas only caused light damage. Whether the Magog had managed to adapt or something else negated the full effect is unknown.


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