Pish Tryan

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Pish Tryan.jpg
Name Pish Tryan
Race Human
Birthplace unknown
Faction Collectors
Family Status unknown
Last Known Status Likely dead

A high ranking Collector, Pish Tryan was one of the shadow powers behind the restored Commonwealth. Extremely corrupt and decadent, Pish secretly allied with the Abyss to ensure his own survival at the expense of the Known Worlds. He worked with Tyr Anasazi to retrieve the Star Map to the Route of Ages, coming into conflict with Captain Dylan Hunt in the process. Later, Pish charged Dylan with treason, placing him on trial and interrogating the senior officers of the Andromeda Ascendant in an attempt to find incriminating evidence. However, all resisted in one way or another, thwarting him.

After a guilty verdict was reached, Pish suddenly found himself facing the Andromeda as it moved to leave Tarazed. Tri-Lorn, Captain Hunt's secret ally, held back his forces so the Collectors had to fight the Andromeda alone. They were destroyed and Pish likely perished on his flagship.


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