Sara Riley

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Name Sara Riley
Race Human
Birthplace unknown
Faction Commonwealth
Family Status Married with children
Last Known Status Dead

Sara Riley was the fiancée of Captain Dylan Hunt before the Fall and the niece of Admiral Constanza Stark. They first met when Dylan and Ismael Khalid rescued her from a research station under attack from the Magog. Sara initially refused to leave until her experiment was finished, which prompted Dylan to shoot the machines running it and forcing her to leave. Sara stated that her aunt had warned her about Dylan, that if they ever met, she'd either end up killing him or marrying him. This nearly turned out to be true, as the two were engaged when the Nietzschean uprising began.

During the war, Sara at first thought Dylan was dead. However, when rumors surfaced that the Andromeda had survived and was trapped in the event horizon of a point singularity, Sara began organizing a rescue mission. With Khalid's help, she gathered a crew and a ship, the Starry Wisdom, and arrived in the Hephaestus system. There, they not only found the Andromeda, but established contact with Dylan in the future. Sara remained resolute in her determination to salvage the Andromeda in her time, but ultimately failed when Nietzschean forces interfered.

After this, Sara went on to found the colony of Tarazed with the crews from the Andromeda and Starry Wisdom. She went on to marry someone else and one of her descendants eventually found Dylan, delivering her final message to him and inviting him to Tarazed.


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