Send Me Solutions Products Reminds Consumers The End Of Car Wash Season Is Just Around The Corner

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Warm weather can’t last forever. Send Me Solutions Products, makers of the Amazing Drying TowelTM is reminding their consumers that the number of days left to wash a car in warm weather are quickly fading. “Nothing beats getting outside and making sure a car is squeaky clean,” says a company spokesperson. “Soon, though, it’s back to indoor car washes by professionals or running the car through the machine at the gas station.”

Send Me Solutions Products knows a lot about the habits of people who love to wash their cars outside because their Amazing Drying TowelTM is a preferred tool for those individuals. The towel dries a vehicle quickly and safely and as the company points out, at 27” x 17” the towel is big enough for a boat or any type of recreational vehicle as well. No matter if it’s a car or a boat, the outdoor washing season is quickly coming to an end but the Amazing Drying TowelTM will remain available for purchase and for use as long as there is demand.

So far the demand for the towel has been strong and the company reports that sales have driven the product up the list of Amazon top sellers. When consumers have so many items to choose from there are very specific reasons why one product stands out from the rest. In the case of the Amazing Drying TowelTM there are three main reasons. As mentioned the size is a major factor, but the material is the main draw. Made from <a href=”“ target=”_blank”>Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA),</a> the towel has a structure that resembles a sponge so liquid is absorbed with amazing speed. The material also accounts for the third major reason the towel is so popular. The fabric is frost and smooth and will not leave scratches or streak on the surface of metal.

For those who want to spend the last days of summer outside taking care of their car or boat, the Amazing Drying Towel is available on Consumers can also visit</a> or call 951.262.3758 to speak with a Send Me Solutions Products representative.

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