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Name Steve Bacic
Date of birth March 13, 1964
Role [[Gaheris Rhade, Telemachus Rhade]]
Family status Married, 3 children
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Steve Bacic (*March 13, 1964 in Lisicic, Croatia) plays First Officer Gaheris Rhade and Lt. Com. Telemachus Rhade.

Steve was born in Croatia but re located to Canada when he was 2 years old. By 25, he had an honours university degree in kinesiology, his own auto re-furbishing business, two houses and a new car. He knew it couldn't be the end yet so he found a new life in Vancouver, Brittish Columbia. Steve moved there and took acting lessons. He worked as a waiter and met many rising stars (eg Ethan Hawke) who offered him roles in their movie productions. Eventually Steve was getting more and more gigs and then actual auditions.


Interesting facts

  • Steve compressed a vertebrae in his neck in a car accident.


Movies and Series

  • Another Strikeout [1993] (as Frank Sutter)
  • Hardball [1997] (as Peter Carlos)
  • Voyage of Terror [1998] (as Alex Reid)
  • Quarentine [1999] (as Joe Blake)
  • The 6th Day [2000] (as Johnny Pheonix)
  • Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda [2000-2005] (TV-Series; as Gaheris Rhade and Telemachus Rhade)
  • X2: X-Men United [2003] (as Hank McCoy)
  • Threshold [2003] (as Frank Hansen)
  • Deception [2003] (as Mark Gardner)
  • Safe harbour [2006] (as Sam Wyatt)
  • Afgan Knights [2006] (as Pepper)
  • Battlestar Galactica: Razor [2007] (as Colonel Jurgen Belzen)
  • Odysseus and the Isle of Mist [2007] (as Eurylochus)
  • The Guard [2008] (TV; as Miro da Silva)
  • Stargate: Continuum [2008] (post-production; as Camulus)

Guest appearances

  • 21 Jump Street [1991] : Wasted (episode 5x19; as Tommy Boylan)
  • Milenium [1997] : Covenant (episode 1x16 as Deputy Kevin Reilly)
  • The Net [1998] : Harvest (episode 1x10 as Cam Waverly)
  • The Sentinel [1998] : Finkerman's Folly (episode 3x15; as Joe Brock)
  • Viper [1998] : Holy Matrimony (episode 4x04; as Dirk Minyard)
  • NightMan [1999] : NightWoman Returns (episode 2x21; as Raoul Marquez)
  • Cold Feet [1999] : A Thong, Potty and a Napoleon (episode 1x02; as Chipper Smith)
  • Earth: Final Conflict [2000] : Through Your Eyes (episode 3x16; as Scott Peirce)
  • Call of the Wild [2000] : Molly Brown (episode 1x12; as Oscar Deville)
  • Adventure Inc. [2002] : Bride of the Sun (episode 1x01; as Stefan George)
  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction [2002] : The Wealthy Widow (episode 4x09; as Dirk Sidwell)
  • Body and Soul [2002] : Letting Go (episode 1x03; as Dr. Leslie Thomas)
  • Just Cause [2002] : Lama Hunt (episode 1x05; as Al Sutherland)
  • Twilight Zone [2003] : How Much do you Love Your Kid? (episode 1x16; as Ted Saicheck)
  • Mutant X [2003] : Within These Walls (episode 2x13 as Nick Maddox)
  • Masters of Horror [2006] : Haelckel's Tale (episode 1x12; as Edward Ralston)
  • Psych [2006] : Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets (episode 1x04; as David Morrison Wilcroft)
  • Romeo! : [2006] Tee'd Off (episode 3x11; as Mitch Sullivan)
  • Blood Ties [2007] : D.O.A. (episode 1x13; as Paul 'Dirty' Deeds)
  • CSI: Miami [2007] : Rush (episode 5x20; as Rod Vickers)
  • ER [2007] : Photographs and Memories (episode 13x18; as Derek Marchek)


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