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Name Acheron
Location Andromeda Galaxy
Inhabitants 15,000 (60% Human, 40% Nietzschean)
Diameter 12,400 km / 7,701 mi
Water surface area 61%
Climate semi-arctic to temperate

The mainly uninhabitated world Acheron was the location of the aptly named, 'High Guard Station Acheron'. A lancer base and logistics center built and run by the High Guard.

However, during the events of The Long Night the planet fell to the Nietzscheans of the Drago-Kazov tribe. They conquered the base at the cost of a great number of casualties against the defending Commonwealth armed forces.

With Station Acheron under their control the Nietzscheans were able to control the planet. And because of the planets location near a major nexus of well traveled slip-routes, the Nietzscheans we're able to enforce the Andromeda Galaxy blockade.

In CY 10088 the facility experienced heavy damage at the hands of Captain Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi and the base's own weapons systems. They had entered the base and seized control of it's weapons systems in order to provide cover for the Andromeda Ascendant and a convoy of Wayists who had to pass through the system en route to Rodina.


  • Acheron is a river in Greece and in the greek mythology one of underworld rivers.
  • Furthermore Acheron is the moon LV-426 in the first Alien movie.


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