Brandenburg Tor

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Name Brandenburg Tor
Location Muttawalis Globular Cluster
Inhabitants Formerly 3 Billion, Now Unknown
Diameter 14,400 km / 8,944 mi
Water surface area 66%
Climate Temperate

Once one of known space's most beautiful and vibrant worlds, Brandenburg Tor has been off-limits to all Commonwealth citizens since CY 9766, the date of the Magog invasion and subsequent quarantine. Brandenburg Tor now lies in territory ceded to the Magog by the Treaty of Antares. Reliable intelligence reports state that Brandenburg Tor remains a major center of Magog activity. It is unknown whether the Magog use the planet as a breeding world or have left it broken and deserted, a ghostly reminder of their first deadly contact with Commonwealth civilization.

The massacre of Brandenburg Tor and the subsequent peace treaty with the Magog convinced many Nietzscheans that it was time to overthrow the Systems Commonwealth.


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