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Name Earth (destroyed)
System Sol System
Inhabitants 7 billion (90% Human, 4% Perseid, 3% Nietzschean, 1% Than, 1% misc)
Diameter 12,750 km / 7,919 mi
Water surface area 70%
Climate varied

Previous Information: Despite its status as the cradle of the Commonwealth's most ubiquitous species, Earth today is home to only a tiny fraction of the Human race. Yet the beautiful third planet of the Terran system still occupies a central place in humanity's collective consciousness and remains a major seat of Human and Commonwealth industry, learning and culture.

Update: Earth has suffered greatly during the Long Night, enduring orbital bombardment, Magog raids, and occupation by various Nietzschean prides. The majority of Earth's population live in abject poverty, with many people sustained only by the various humanitarian relief missions allowed to operate by the Nietzschean occupiers. An attempted revolt centered in east Africa and the Middle East occurred in CY 10087. It was brutally supressed by the Nietzscheans, who killed over 50 million humans in the process.

The High Guard Station Newport News Orbital Shipyards is located in orbit of Earth.


Bunker Hill (2x11)
The Heart Of The Journey, Part 1 (5x21)

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