Krrendar IV

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Krrendar IV.jpg
Name Krrendar IV
Location Triangulum Galaxy
Inhabitants Unknown
Diameter 9,450 km / 5,869 mi
Water surface area 0%
Climate Uninhabitable by oxygen breathing life

Krrendar IV is inhabited by the Pyrianers. In the last three centuries, reliable information on Pyrian activity has become even harder to come by. However, it is believed that Krrendar IV houses a major Pyrian military installation, complete with a complement of their dreaded torchships.

History of the Planet

Once a pleasant and temperate planet covered by water over 97% of its surface, Krrendar IV is now a hellish world where surface temperatures exceed 600 degrees Celsius. Credit (or blame) for the radical change goes to the aboriginal Nightsider population's reckless industrialization and environmental devastation. The Commonwealth's Ministry of Environmental Reclamation tried without success to reverse the damage, but eventually the Nightsiders had to be evacuated (CY 9112) and the planet ceded to the Pyrians, who have further "pyraformed" Krrendar IV to meet their own requirements.


"Welcome twilight.
Welcome blackness.
Welcome inky night.
Only in darkness
can I see your soul."

Lost Verses of Krrendar,
CY 9542
(Tunnel At The End Of The Light; 2x22)


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