Life Hammer To Save Lives In Car Emergencies

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The summer of 2014 has actually been a record season for inclement weather condition: flash floods, mudslides, and record rain in numerous cities while other U.S. geographic locations suffered from severe heat and drought. In either severe case, drivers discovered themselves stuck in vehicles on roadways and interstate freeways appears to have been an ongoing theme with lives at risk connected with risky weather conditions. Across news feeds and weather condition alerts, videos represent travelers caught in vehicles from Palm Desert, California, to Phoenix, Arizona, and locations in Florida, the Midwest and the East Coast. When inclement weather conditions hit, first responders are swamped with requests for help, while those in danger wait in futility. Unfortunately not all trapped could be saved simultaneously. Emergency workers from fire departments to cops recommend automobile owners equip their vehicles with emergency situation accessories like blankets, water, cell phone chargers, food, emergency treatment kits and car evacuation devices such as car window breaker and seatbelt cutter. These equipment are vital for saving of lives in auto emergency situations when every 2nd counts.

Divine Secrets has actually discovered the car window breaker to be an effective, easy-to-use, and fail safe car evacuation tool when stuck or caught in a vehicle. The sharp blade slices through seat belts and the hammer pointed ends break the car window successfully for fast evacuation to safe place. Good Samaritans will certainly discover that having emergency hammer in all of their vehicles allows them to come upon a vehicle emergency situation scene and aid saving those rendered powerless or in distress whether stuck in a burning car, locked in an overheating car, stuck on a flooded roadway, pushed into mudslides, in the midst of fires, having a health emergency situation or encountering an unattended kid or pet in a vehicle.

Extreme weather condition emergency situations seem to come without much advance notice which triggers a gridlock of vehicles stuck in the same place at the same time. Having emergency situation tools in a vehicle could make the different outcome between saving the life of a family member, or helplessly waiting for roadside assistance. Car hammer as an emergency car tool to be kept in vehicles are backed by physician, emergency situation responders and American auto Club. It is advised that a car hammer be kept in the front of the car near the motorist's seat for fast and simple access.

Prior to winter season sets in, emergency situation workers recommend all families equip their vehicles with emergency situation escape devices for inclement weather condition, disasters, medical, health related concerns or community emergency situations.

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