Pax Magellanic

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Pax Magellanic.jpg
Class Glorious Heritage Class
Serial Number XMC-1-913
Commander Captain Warrick/Lieutenant Jill Pearce
Faction Commonwealth
Construction Facility unknown
Home Planet Herotodus
Status Destroyed

A golden colored ship, the Pax Magellanic was one of the first ships of the Glorious Heritage Class. She was looked up to by many later vessels of her class and considered a big sister. On her first mission, the Pax Magellanic saved the Princess Sukarhit's shuttle from a Magog attack and was honored by the leaders of the Commonwealth.

During the Nietzschean uprising, the Pax Magellanic was sent to the Herotodus System to try reinforce and assist General Sky Falls in Thunder. Captain Warrick had taken a detachment of Lancers down to the planet but was being overrun. He ordered Maggie/Jill, the ship's AI, to self-destruct to avoid capture. However, Warrick had earlier initiated a relationship with Maggie/Jill and the AI took the order as a betrayal. She ejected her slipstream core and destroyed the planet. The AI then used the ship's medical logs to recreate some of her favorite crew.

After 300 years, the Andromeda Ascendant arrived in the system and Captain Hunt and his crew try to salvage the ship. However, after they discovered Jill's secret, the Magellanic began attacking them. When the Andromeda returned fire, Jill intentionally lowered her defenses so that she could die.


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