Picnic Basket Alternative Launched By Freddie And Sebbie On Amazon

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According to Freddie and Sebbie, their latest product launched on Amazon, described as an insulated lunch bag, might potentially be the best alternative to the conventional wicker picnic basket.

Freddie and Sebbie has so far gone far in the picnic industry with their luxury picnic blanket, which presently has a 4.8 rating on Amazon, with positive reviews coming from over a hundred confirmed consumers. Main business spokesman, Mr Neil Speight, has just revealed the impending launch of the Freddie and Sebbie insulated lunch box on Amazon, which he asserts to be the best container for a picnic meal. He said... "After having such a good response for the picnic blanket, with moms and dads stating what a great product it was, we agreed to go one step more, and create a modern day picnic basket, however one that certified it's presence on our luxury design picnic blanket."

Neil said that the multipurpose insulated lunch bag was guaranteed to keep food, fruits, refreshments and other treats cool. He said... "Well, after much thought and deliberation, our imaginative group has managed to put together the new Freddie and Sebbie luxury insulated reusable black lunch bag, which will be perfect for keeping alfresco food cool, right up til the whole family are sat down on the picnic blanket, pleasantly surrounded by nature, and eventually hunger sets in."

The product description on Amazon states that this alternative picnic basket comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable transportation handle, making it a great deal simpler to take a trip with. Mr Speight said... "Not only is it easier to take a trip with in the car, it's likewise a much more secure method of transporting picnic food, as this insulated lunch box can in fact be zipped up, along with it having a safety zip flap cover, so food does have a much more secure trip to the picnic area."

The spokesman likewise said that the product ought to be readily available on Amazon within the next couple of days. He said... "As soon as Amazon has made the final checks, the insulated lunch bag will be readily available to purchase. We aren't just wishing to target picnic enthusiasts, however likewise any individual who prepares lunch in the house to then eat out, as this lunch bag has currently been checked out and recommended by our faithful Amazon consumers throughout the United States, who have verified all of our expectations as being a cooler bag which in fact works, and made to last. In fact, the Freddie and Sebbie devices have all been made to the highest standards in quality, security and reliability, as we seriously believe in providing the very best to American moms and dads."

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