Restorian Movement

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Race Mixed
Origin unknown
Capital unknown
Distribution Scattered Cells
Government Isolated Cells
Leader Balance of Judgement
Status Unknown

The Restorian Movement was an extremist eco-terrorist organization founded by the High Guard warship Balance of Judgement. They believe that the use of space travel leads to the destruction of a planet's native ecosystem and thus attack any space faring civilization. The Restors are especially opposed to the Free Trade Alliance, a commercial alliance that seeks profit above all else.

Besides the Balance of Judgement, the Restors make use of Restorian Destroyers to attack other factions as well as smaller fighters. Restors were also willing to make suicide runs to accomplish their objectives.

Most reports had the Restorian Movement either defeated or in hiding however at least one cell was brought out into the open when the Collectors offered a bounty for the Capture of Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda. It is not known what their strength levels are now or what assets they maintain however the attempt to capture the Andromeda was made by only 3 fighters so it was either a last desperate attempt by a single cell or an unauthorized action.


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