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Name Ugroth
Location Andromeda Galaxy
Inhabitants Past: 1.5 billion
Currently: 150 billion
(99% Perseid, 1% miscellaneous)
Diameter 0,12 km / 0,7 mi
Water surface area 70%
Climate Varied

Ugroth is the homeworld of the Perseids, its populations consists of 99% Perseids and 1% other species.

Ugroth was largely abandoned by its natives once they took to the stars. Not that Ugroth is an unpleasant place - far from it. With its diverse climates and varied terrain, Ugroth most closely resembles the human homeworld, Earth. Yet unlike humanity, the Perseids seemed eager to leave the birthplace of their species behind, and even now, Perseids from Ugroth are sometimes unfairly considered slow-witted and provincial by their offworld cousins.

The fall of the Commonwealth saw the Perseids return to their ancestral homeworld in huge numbers. Now Ugroth is home to nearly 150 billion Perseids, an unprecedented population density made possible only by massive agricultural imports as well as the tapping of Ugroth's molten core for geothermal energy.

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