Ismael Khalid

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Name Ismael Khalid
Race Nietzschean
Birthplace unknown
Faction Commonwealth
Family Status unknown
Last Known Status Dead

A Nietzschean loyalist to to the old Systems Commonwealth, Khalid was an old friend of Captain Dylan Hunt. He was with Dylan when he first met Sara Riley during a Magog attack. After the Nietzschean uprising, Khalid continued serving in the High Guard and helped Sara organize a rescue attempt for Dylan. He commanded the Starry Wisdom and through a fluke made contact with Dylan in the future. Khalid was injured saving Sara when Nietzscheans attacked the Wisdom but survived. After Dylan's attempt to take Sara to the future with him failed, Khalid promised to take Sara to someplace safe. It is likely he settled on Tarazed.


  • Ishmael was Abraham's eldest son, born by his wife's handmaiden Hagar. Though born of Hagar, according to Mesopotamian law, Ishmael was credited as Sarah's son (Gn. 16:2). According to the Genesis account, he died at the age of 137 (Gn. 25:17). (Wikipedia)
  • Khalid or Khaled is a popular Arabic name, meaning "eternal" or "immortal". (Wikipedia) & Khālid ibn al-Walīd (592-642) also known as Sayf-Allah al-Maslul (the Drawn Sword of God or Sword of Allah), was one of the two famous Arab generals during the Muslim conquests of the 7th Century. (WIkipedia)


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