Starry Wisdom

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Starry Wisdom.jpg
Class To Seek, To Find Class
Serial Number unknown
Commander Ismael Khalid
Faction Commonwealth
Construction Facility unknown
Home Planet unknown
Status unknown

The Starry Wisdom was a High Guard vessel that attempted to salvage the Andromeda Ascendant from the blackhole at Hephaestus. She was commanded by Ismael Khalid, a Nietzschean still loyal to the Commonwealth and an old friend of Dylan and Sara. Sara Riley was also along and had organized the attempt. The Starry Wisdom attempted to use several antigravity pods to lift the Andromeda out but interference from Nietzscheans disrupt their attempts. In the process, the Starry Wisdom comes into contact with the Andromeda 300 years in the future, where Dylan and Sara are able to reunite temporarily. However, Dylan is unable to bring Sara into his time and must let her go. Eventually, Sara gathered the crews and families of the Starry Wisdom and the Andromeda and resettle them on Tarazed to await Dylan's return.


The Banks of the Lethe (1x08)

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