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Race Nietzschean
Origin Fountainhead
Capital Venseremos
Distribution Widely spread
Government Duchy
Leader Charlemagne Bolivar
Status Widely spread

Originally mortal enemies, the Sabra and the Jaguar were two medium sized prides that also were enemies of the Drago-Kazov. A marriage was arranged between the Sabra first daughter and the son of the Jaguar archduke in an attempt to make peace and unite the two prides. The Sabras had originally intended for this to be a trap to decapitate the Jaguar leadership before moving in and crushing their enemies once and for all. However, a combination of interference from the Drago-Kazov and intuition by Captain Dylan Hunt foiled the plot as well as begin a war between the now united Sabra-Jaguar and the Drago-Kazov. Together, the Sabra-Jaguar commanded the third largest fleet in the known worlds. However, as the Drago-Kazov controlled the largest, the war did not go very well. After signing the Commonwealth charter, the Sabra-Jaguar drafted Captain Hunt and the other signatories into the war and for a time managed to stalemate the Drago-Kazov.

The Sabras seem to be a more martial pride, training and breeding for strength, while the Jaguars were surprisingly decadent for Niethzscheans. However, both prides were well known for their treachery.

As members of the new Commonwealth, the Sabra-Jaguar placed their own fleet at the disposal of the High Guard as well as serve in the organization. They took part in many engagements such as the battle against the Pyrians and Derevos, though the Sabra-Jaguar always seemed to be looking out for their own interests first.

Eventually, the Sabra-Jaguar left the Commonwealth with the other Nietzschean prides, uniting under the man whom they believed was the resurrected progenitor, Tyr Anasazi. They joined the Drago-Kazov and other prides in launching an attack against Tarazed, the Commonwealth capital, only to be stopped by Captain Hunt. What happened to the pride afterwards is unknown.


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