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Name Fountainhead
Location Omari Globular Cluster
Inhabitants 200 Million (99% Nietzschean, 1% misc)
Diameter 8,900 km / 5,527 mi
Water surface area 40%
Climate Semi-arid to desert

Formerly: Fountainhead is the historical homeworld of the Nietzschean people. Fountianhead maintains some of the most advanced genetic engineering facilities in the known worlds. Fountianhead boasts many historical landmarks and cities dating back to the founding of the Nietzschean race. The various cities on the planet are often maintained as the official homes of the various major prides. Though the famous and legendary Ayn Rand Station still orbits the Nietzschean homeworld and is all and all the political center of the Nietzschean Alliance. Though the Nietzscheans have moved to the stars and scattered throughout the universe, Fountainhead is now more then ever the spiritual center of Nietzschean civilization as well as the place where the Progenitor Drago Museveni's mummified remains are kept.

Currently: In the waning days of the Nietzschean Uprising, Fountainhead was bombarded from orbit and rendered completely uninhabitable. It is unknown if the bombardment was inflicted by Pride Jaguar, or a final act of vengeance from a remaining High Guard Starship. Drago Museveni's remains were retrieved and have since changed hands several times. They currently reside on Enga's Redoubt, the homeworld of the Drago-Kazov Pride.




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